5 Ways to Store Scrunchies

#1 On a Cork Board
One way to store your scrunchies is on a cute cork board. You could put the cork board in a frame and paint it. You can also use a lot of cute different push pins to hang them on. There are so many ways to personalize it and lots of inspiration on Pinterest!
#2 Bracelet/Jewelry holder
Another way to store scrunchies is on a bracelet or jewelry holder. I have linked below some of my favorites.
#3 Wire Baskets
I really love wire baskets to store everything from craft supplies to shampoo. I think they are perfect for scrunchies too.
#4 Scrunchie Holder
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#5 Mug Holder
I have used mug holders to display scrunchies at different markets. I love how easy they are to grab and see quickly what colors you have.