Back to School Essentials for Teachers

1) Cute Scrunchies - As a teacher you are short on time especially at the beginning of the year. Make sure you have a few scrunchies to make getting ready easy in the morning. Shop here.
2) Colorful Pens- I love having a wide variety of colors for grading and making leveled groups. The Zebra brand is my favorite because the colors are bright, they write smoothly, and one package will last me the entire year. Shop here.
3) Insulated Tumbler- A student gave me a ZAK! tumbler as a gift and it is my favorite water bottle. I love that it keeps my drinks really cold for a long time. I also love that I can stick a stainless steel straw in it and easily stay hydrated. Shop here.
4) Planner- I have a slight obsession with planners. I love the Happy Planner for teachers because it is beautifully designed and has lots of space to plan! I especially love their planner kits because they come with stickers and washi tape. Shop here.
5) Desk Decor- I love having a funny something on my desk to remind me to laugh on those days when teaching gets tough. Shop here.
6) Thread Wallets Lanyard- I love the variety and styles of lanyards from Thread Wallets. They are so many options and they are much cuter than your average lanyard. It is perfect for your teaching badge, keys, and whistle. Shop here.
7) Eos Lip Balm- I don't know about you but when I am teaching all day my mouth and lips can get very dry. I always have a few of these lip balms on my desk so I can moisturize in between lessons. Shop here.
8) Hair Scarf- Another great accessory to have is a hair scarf. Use it as an ascot, hairbow, or ponytail scarf as well! Shop here.