Four Easy Hair Styles with Scrunchies or Hair Scarves

We've partnered with Adison Nicol of Life in Bobby Pins to give you some serious hair inspo. These hairstyles are a quick and easy ways to wear your favorite Juniper Dress. Co. hair accessories.

Half Up Twists

Divide hair in half from temples to back of head and secure with an elastic in a ponytail. Take the hair that is already in the ponytail and divide that vertically; then tuck the ponytail through. Gently tighten and then tie scrunchie on top of elastic.

Boho Braid

Loosely braid hair. Once you are a couple inches from the bottom, hold the end of braid loosely and gently pull sides of braid to give it a boho look. Tie scrunchie on top of elastic at the bottom.

Hair Scarf Braid

Secure hair at base of neck with an elastic. Tie hair tie on top of the elastic. Take ponytail and loosely braid. Once you are a couple of inches from the bottom, gently pull the sides of the braid to give it a boho look. Secure at the bottom with another elastic.

Scrunchie Top Knot

Pull hair to the top of your head wrapping it around the elastic to create a messy bun. Secure with bobby pins. Starting at the back, wrap hair tie around messy bun, tying in the front. Tuck ends of hair tie.