Four Must Read Proper Romances

Today I've got four must read proper romance novels for you to read. What is a proper romance? It's a romance book thats clean, cute, and sweet. You will love these four books. Let me know if you've read one of these in the comments! 

1) Longing For Home By Sarah M Eden

Eden is the queen of proper romances. I've read most of her books and they are great. This one is one of my favorites of hers though because the story is very poignant and sticks with you. It is about Katie, an Irish women, who moves to the Wyoming frontier. It's sweet and has a love triangle that leaves you guessing who gets the girl to the end! Shop here

2) The Secret of India Orchid by Nancy Campbell Allen

This is one of my favorite "regency era" books because it has all we love about the British aristocracy but is set in India. This book is about Sophia Elliot who is jilted by the man she loves and escapes to India only to run in to him again! Shop here

3) The Vicar's Daughter by Josi Kilpack

The Vicar's Daughter is about a girl Cassie who is the youngest of six siblings. She is excited to enter society but can't until her older sister is married. I loved the use of letters in the story and the theme of defying social norms is still so relevant. Shop here.

4) A Proper Pursuit by Lynn Austin

Austin is another giant in the proper romance genre. This novel is about Violet Hayes a girl searching for the truth about her mother and finds more mystery and romance than she bargained for. Read this and every other book by Austin and you won't regret it. Shop here