Shop Small Guide: Hair Gifts and More

1) Hair Scarves- These are the perfect gift for almost anyone on your list! You can wear them as a headband, hair bow, ponytail scarf, or ascot. Purchase here.
2) Simply Mala Clutch- These clutches are the perfect gift for moms or sisters. Simply Mala also has a bunch of cute handbags that you could subtly drop hints to your significant other to get you for Christmas! Purchase here.
3) Ribbon Clip- I love the idea of giving your gal pals some cute Christmas decor at the beginning of the season! Then they can use it all month long and really appreciate it. Purchase here.
4) Ilu Necklace- I got the marble looking version of this necklace a few months ago and I love it! I love that Ilu's pieces are well made and reasonably priced. Purchase here.
5) Custom Mission Watercolor Map- Shannon is such a talented artist and her mission maps would be a great gift for a sibling or your spouse. I also think it would be a great gift for grandparents or parents who have served missions. She also has a lot of other cool art. Purchase here.
6) Shop Back Home Sweatshirt- Shop back home has an awesome selection of hoodies and t-shirts that celebrate the places you love. They also donate a portion to sales to charity which is awesome. Purchase here.
7) Good Rad Funny Print- This hilarious print from Good Rad Funny is a perfect gift for all the Diet Coke lovers in your life. You could frame it or she also has a sticker version! Purchase here.
8) Scrunchies-Scrunchies are a perfect gift for all the teens in your life but I bet your girl friends would also love them too. Purchase here.
9) Modern Clay Earrings- These earrings are another great gift for all the gals in your life. Purchase here.