The Amanda Dress

My friend Amanda is one of those friends who makes me feel like I can do anything. A few months ago when talking about Juniper,  I told her that I really wanted to make more custom dresses and that I would love to make her a dress for her upcoming trip to Italy. She was excited and super supportive.
We immediately started collaborating on a design and once we had the design nailed down we went fabric shopping. Amanda settled on this fabric because it is a very soft polyester blend with a bit of stretch. We both thought the print looked very Italian and would be perfect for her trip. 
She went on her trip and I excitedly waited for photos. One day at work while my students were at recess I checked my phone and she had sent me with a bunch of the most beautiful photos.  Amanda is not only a very great friend but an amazing photographer! (click here to see more of her work)
If you follow Juniper Dress Co. on Instagram you have probably seen every picture she took because I'm obsessed with all of them. Her photos look like something out of a magazine and every time I look at them I can't stop smiling.