Three Lessons I've Learned Running a Small Business

Hi! This year Juniper Dress Co. turned THREE! It has been such an adventure running this small business and today I’m sharing the three lessons I’ve learned. 

Comparison truly is the thief of joy. 

For me it is very easy to compare my business to others. It’s so easy to get “business jealous” of someone else’s  instagram followers, booth set ups, opportunities, photoshoots, or collaborations. The fact is that social media is not an accurate way to determine success or your personal worth. I’ve found that comparing myself is not a productive use of energy and does nothing to help me. I always try to learn from other small businesses but I also try to not spend lots of time stalking “my competition”. This has helped me really lean in to the fact that I have unique things to offer the world and it doesn’t really matter what other businesses are doing. 

Imperfect action is all it takes to keep going. 

This idea comes from The Goal Digger Podcast by Jenna Kutcher. She talks a lot about how it is really easy to not start something until we feel like it’s perfect. I totally felt this way when starting Juniper and I feel it every time I try something new. However, if you wait till it’s perfect you will never start. This is NOT an excuse to do crappy work but rather it’s an idea that things don’t have to be perfect. My first market set up was not perfect but it was a start ad once you start it’s much easier to keep fine tuning things. 

People are most important. 

In business it is very easy for me to get caught up in numbers, goals, and the high expectations I have for myself. Those things are important but people are most important. I've met so many wonderful people running this company and it has made me realize how important relationships are. This past fall I had a booth at Pinner’s Conference. Before the event I was super nervous and feeling a lot of pressure to make my sales goals. The morning of the event I decided that instead I would focus on building connections with people and spreading kindness to everyone I interacted with. It was a great day. The thing that people will remember most about you and by extension your business is how you made them feel.