Why Your Closet Needs Handmade Clothing

All of our clothing and accessories are handmade with love. In a world of cheap mass produced products you may be wondering why your closet needs handmade clothing. There are lots of reasons to buy handmade clothing but today we have narrowed it down to three. 

Good for the Environment 

Handmade clothing is good for the environment because there is less fabric waste. At Juniper Dress Co. we make each clothing item made to order so we don't overproduce products that could end up in landfills. We are also careful to use as much of our fabric as possible. If we have left over fabric from clothing we can often repurpose it into hair accessories. 

High Quality Pieces

When clothing is handmade in small batches the quality is unmatched. Our products are made of nice fabric and each item is sewn together by skilled artisans. We are passionate about making clothing that stands the test of time. 

Unique Looks

When it comes to fashion there is something special about having a look that is unique to you. When you buy clothing that is handmade you are guaranteed to have a skirt, top, or pair of pants that is limited edition. This allows you to create looks that are as unique as you are.